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  • Are the tickets nominative?
    No, the name of the purchaser is indicated on the ticket but the tickets are NOT personal, they are bearer securities and therefore can be transferred.
  • On the website I don't see any available places that interest me, are there other availabilities?
    The availabilities are those displayed on the website, we do not know if and when there will be changes.
  • What does Season Ticket mean and what does it include?
    Purchasing a season ticket for a particular course allows access to all sessions scheduled for central court and secondary court. There are no other formulas.
  • Are there discounts for children?
    All children born on or after 1 January 2020 can enter the stadium without a ticket by presenting a valid ID at the entrance, accompanied by an adult. Inside the stadium, they will not be able to occupy seats, but will necessarily have to sit on the legs of the adult.
  • The tickets have not arrived, how can I get them?
    If you have already checked that you have not received them even in your junk/spam mailbox, you can find them in your reserved area on the site.
  • I will not use the purchased ticket, can I get a refund?
    Tickets are non-refundable / changeable, but not being nominative, they are transferable.
  • Can you resell my ticket?
    There is no official resale service or channel.
  • Can I also log in after the session has started?
    Yes, you can log in at any time, subject to game times.
  • Where can I find today's programme?
    The order of play is published on the official website of the event.
  • Which players will play the matches?
    It is not possible to predict who will play, when and on which field. The order of play is published the evening before the matches.
  • What time do the meetings start?
    The time shown on the order of play which is published the evening before the matches is valid.
  • How long does a match last?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict the length of a padel match.
  • If I leave the plant, can I come back?
    You can leave the field but not the facility, once you leave the Foro Italico you can no longer return with the same ticket.
  • What happens in case of rain?
    The price of the Ticket will be refunded by the Organiser, exclusively if none of the Trainings or Matches scheduled on the Field and in the session indicated on the Ticket take place on the day indicated. In any case, the User has no right to a refund of the cost of the Ticket (nor to its replacement) in the event that the Trainings or Matches for which the Ticket was purchased take place, for technical-organizational or meteorological reasons, in the scheduled day but at times or at Camps other than those initially planned.
  • I can't attend all the matches, can I give the ticket to another person who will see the ones I don't see?
    No, the ticket is valid for one access only.
  • The program has been modified, can I get a refund?
    The ticket is purchased for the specific session/field and not for a specific match/player. The program may vary and ticket refunds are not foreseen.
  • I arrived late, when I entered the match was almost over, is there a refund?
    There is no refund of the ticket or a voucher for another purchase.
  • Are there any reductions for the disabled persons?
    Disabled persons with a disability rating of at least 74% will be able to use their admission tickets free (subject to availability). For each session, each disabled person may obtain a maximum of one ticket for him/herself and one ticket for personal assistant. Tickets can be collected at the box office on match days.
  • I am a FITP Card holder, can I take advantage of both the Card holder discount and another promotion?
    The promotion dedicated to FITP Card holders cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • We are a group of FITP members, can we purchase tickets by taking advantage of the dedicated fare for us cumulatively?
    To take advantage of the reduced rate, it is necessary for each FITP member to register and buy their own tickets. In the event that the FITP member is a minor, the parent or guardian can register in his own name, however, associating the card and the tax code of the minor.
  • Where can I buy a ticket for the secondary courts (Ground)?
    For this edition of the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel competition, no tickets are issued for the secondary courts. Central Court Tickets and Season Tickets allow entrance to both the Central Court and the secondary courts.

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